Portraits. Pet Portraits. Wildlife. Landscapes

Robbins’ love for art developed early in life. Recognizing that he was gifted, his parents encouraged him at a young age to attend life drawing classes, where he began training his eye and hand for form and line. After graduating from high school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he relocated to London, England, where he lived for 4 years attending a prestigious Fine Arts College to further develop his skill.

In 1982, Robbins was awarded the London Diploma of Art and Design and the Byam Shaw Diploma of Fine Art. ‘It was an unbelievable opportunity for a 17 year old kid from Canada to be transported to London... being immersed in the history, art, architecture, galleries and museums.

"It was sensory overload...for four intense years, I painted, drew and sculpted every single day (and most nights).” 

Robbins eventually found his way to Vancouver and became part of the emerging BC film industry. Over the last 25 years, James  has created an astounding body of work as a Production Designer for Film and Television. For a decade, his talent as an artist was showcased as he created nearly every illustration and concept design for the award-winning  ‘Stargate’ franchise for MGM, the 
longest running sci-fi show in television history. Robbins was also hand-picked to work on a number of music videos and TV commercials for clients such as Sprint, Reliastar Insurance, Maxfli, Sprite and Heineken. He worked across the 
globe for a number of years shooting in the USA, New Zealand, Spain, Australia and Indonesia.

James’ first passion is painting and he is most recognized for his stunningly realistic portraits. He is currently completing several private commissions before beginning work on his next series featuring iconic film personalities.